Orbaker's Fruit Farm, Inc.

Founded in 1889, and an official New York State Century Farm, Orbaker?s hasn?t always been in the fruit business. When my great grandfather Adrian bought the original 37 acres it was a small general farm. They had a few apples and cherries, wheat, corn, pigs, chickens, and cows. My great grandfather?s first commercial crops were tomatoes for canning, and cabbages, explains farmer Andy Orbaker. A few generations later things took a turn. My father, Roland, was the fruit guy. He loved fruit trees. So, the third and fourth generations of Orbakers put their backs into planting fruit trees. Together with crops of apples, peaches and sweet cherries, the farm soon became one the largest tart cherry producers in the state. Over the years, the family also grew the farm in size from 37 to 214 acres.

The Orbakers are keenly aware of growing the best, safest possible product for their customers. We spray [pesticides] as little as possible. We want to have a sustainable orchard where the good bugs thrive and the bad bugs die. We want to be sure that our kids, our neighbor?s kids, and our customer?s kids are healthy when it is all said and done.

    3451 Lake Road
    Williamson NY 14589
  • Gary & Andy Orbaker
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